My Framework is the best, or not.

Frameworks – the bane of some developers, salvation for others. Frameworks play a very important role in modern web development. But with their popularity comes the most important question. Which framework is the best?

Interviews - from both sides

Interviews. Never pleasant nor rewarding no matter which side of the table you’re on, as I discovered this past week. Did I learn anything? Quite a bit actually.

To PHP or not - that is the question

While eagerly devouring the statistics on my first ever developer blog post (SQL Injection - An Important Lesson) I came across this comment:

I find the best way to avoid SQL injection attacks in PHP is to avoid using PHP at all costs.

WordPress Plugins - Virginity Lost

WordPress plugins. Incredibly useful to use when you can find the right one. Incredibly annoying to build. Especially when popping your plugin cherry. So today I want to share my first attempts at making a usable and useful WordPress plugin. (I’ll include links to my Github - but please note that these plugins are not supported in any way and are not available on the WordPress Plugin repository)

SQL Injection - An important lesson

Are you inserting user data into a database using PHP and looking for the best way to prevent SQL injection?