Electric Thoughts in a Digital Era

Electric Thoughts in a Digital Era is a technology blog run by Hendrik Laubscher that focuses on eCommerce, Social Commerce, Comparative Shopping Engines & Business.

This is a custom responsive WordPress theme with several plugins. It has a very simple, minimalist look & feel with readability being the key request. The site interfaces with third-party software like Mandrill, Swiftype Search, MailChimp and FeedBlitz to provide extra tools.

  • Site size was reduced by over 50% simply by getting rid of the generic theme and implementing a custom theme with no extra frills.
  • An immediate improvement in page speed and site load times followed.
  • The improvements in site size and load time directly lead to improved SEO performance and increased site indexing by search engines.

Since then, efforts have been focused on call-to-action responses such as the custom mailing list signup form which speaks directly to the MailChimp API for subscriber additions, and a newsletter archive listing.