Teaching was hard (And I'm probably bad at it).

I live in Cambodia, a country where a Westerner can get a job teaching English within 24 hours without qualifications or experience. Most Westerners have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification before entering the country, just in case. Yeah, I didn’t.

My Framework is the best, or not.

Frameworks – the bane of some developers, salvation for others. Frameworks play a very important role in modern web development. But with their popularity comes the most important question. Which framework is the best?

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SMC Featured Posts

The SMC Featured Posts plugin allows you to select posts to be displayed in a list either in shortcode format or as a widget. This is a more generic and updated version of the FPK plugin written for Electric Thoughts in a Digital Era.

Electric Thoughts in a Digital Era

Electric Thoughts in a Digital Era is a technology blog run by Hendrik Laubscher that focuses on eCommerce, Social Commerce, Comparative Shopping Engines & Business.

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I’m a Web Developer since 2007, a South Africa living in Cambodia. I’ve been working on different projects using PHP, NodeJS and MySQL, with Digital Agencies and Startups.

I currently spend my time working with AWS Lambda functions and playing with static-site generators.